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Custom gate solutions

All project and construction sites offer many variables. We are a full service fence construction company giving us the ability to build custom gates for specific needs.


Keep your property safe and secure with our top of the line products.


You can take complete comfort in the fact that we only work with the brands that we trust and use on our own homes and business.


We only work with the best

At Muskogee Fence Co. we believe in working only with the best suppliers and products on the market. If we wouldn’t use it on our house or at our business, we wouldn’t let you use it at yours. You can be sure that the materials we use are as trustworthy as we are.

At Muskogee Fence Co. we stand by our word and our suppliers. We guarantee that you will be satisfied.



Major material suppliers

Square Square

Trust us for all of your fencing construction needs!


- 440 Fence Company 

- Ameristar

- Master Halco 

- Merchants Metal 

- And more!

- Contact us with any questions